La Vague (The Wave), 1897

La Vague

by Henri Privat Livemont

It’s like dancing. There’s meant to be a tension. When you dance you make a tension between your partner and gravity. You trust them to pull against you by pulling against themselves from falling. In water, your pulling against your mouth being covered, but leaving as much of yourself in the water as you can. You want to feel your head supported in the water.

Be not above the water. Be not under the water. Be on the water.

The nearest feeling to plain existence is to be water. And the nearest to being water is to be on it. Let the forces of gravity and floating keep you alive and let them battle each other. The battleground will be you. And you’ll not be cold. Anymore. And you’ll not keep your eye on the shore.

Anticipating the wave, you can let your feet or your middle get heavier. So that way, you’ll bob with the water as it bobs.

And then you can start directing the waves yourself.


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