Son House, Death Letter Blues, 1967


I used to be smart

I might be a quitter

Of Facebook and Twitter.

My mouse hovers on ‘END,’

But I cannot press down.

I am a hostage, not a ‘friend.’

Not a user, but their clown.

I’ll shout, “This and TV,” and everything but me

Caused this damned sweet ennui.

The Who in ’88

If you’re a little bit of a Who fan, you know how odd this performance is. They hadn’t played together since ’85, and before that since ’82. They would go on tour the next year, but with a massive band behind them, drowning in the mess of noise. This is also Kenney Jones’ final performance with The Who. His controversial position with the band is given more mystery with this set. He’s mostly hated by fans. These days, with more years in a post-Keith Moon world than we had years in a Moon world, the argument is getting stale. Kenney is a good drummer. He may not have been the right style drummer for The Who, but he was the right drummer for The Who historically. They’d grown up together.

People still give Kenney a hard time for not playing with the same vigor and tenacity that Moon played with. This video shows those fans what Kenney was capable of. Too bad he never returned.