Hi, I’m new here…

Nothing interesting here.

This is just the place where a lousy writer tries to cover those elusive million words to okay-ness.

Proficiency in any field is earned by time on the clock. It’s not inherited. It’s not bought. It’s gained by fretting over, swearing over, and primarily, hunching over whatever field it is that one hopes to be good at.

I would like to be a good writer. If the above has been understood by any persons that do not know me personally, I can be understood. Transmitting ideas (especially those prickly abstract ones) through written words is kind of the big thing in writing. I need to practice this.

Being understood and being interesting via my written words is like, a whole level of good writing above me at the moment. Again, I would like to be there someday.

How I plan to get there is pretty simple. I am going to write. As Ira Glass indicates, in the video linked above, it’s normal to be disappointed in creative work early on. See, I could never accept that. My taste was good and what I was putting out has been mostly like grapefruit. My good taste spits out whatever I’m writing.

This space is where I’m throwing down my million words. This is where I’ll be fretting, swearing, and hunching, so to speak.

The weak spots in my craft will come first. I joked above about abstract concepts being hard to write. Well, that’s actually kind of easy for me. Writing about spaces, actions, and senses are what’s hard.

So this should be a fun blog to read! “Here’s what I’m bad at – enjoy!”

In addition to practice, I’ll fill this space with whatever doesn’t fit on Geeks of Christ, my other blog. That one has a specific purpose and experimenting with dialogue, or rambling on about Adam Ant (which should happen tomorrow), or describing old paintings does not fit that purpose.

Start the countdown. Day 1…19,999 to go. I should be good enough to publish my novel by that time. Watch for it – January 28, 2067!


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